Michigan's Mega Recycling Facility

12+ acres up to 3,000 tons per day

Fort Iron & Metal is a full service scrap recycling facility located in Detroit, MI.
With over 2,000 feet of private rail sliding serviced by CSX, Fort Iron operates like a well oiled machine.  Our fleet of roll off boxes range from 5 yards to 80 yards and we do our best to get you in and out quickly.

To serve you better we have acquired an outstanding selection of heavy hauling dump trucks, roll off trucks, excavators with claws and with magnets and many other toys that enable our awesome team to be the best. It's that dedication and preparation that sets Fort Iron apart from the competition and makes them one of the most reliable and professional high volume scrap processors in Michigan.


Fort Iron and Metal is a full service scrap processor dedicated to bringing safety, value, integrity and service to our business associates through the knowledge, efforts and abilities of our outstanding team.

Ferrous Scrap Metal

Fort Iron and metal has been a preferred partner and volume scrap supplier to the steel mills across the USA and Canada. Today we move tens of thousands of tons of different grades of scrap to the mills every month. Our philosophy is to treat both our customers and suppliers as our family. We go an extra mile to make sure the family is happy and prosperous.



Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Our non-ferrous division prepares and packages all non-ferrous metals, including red metals, white metals and stainless steels. Our experienced team has the knowledge and training, while our leading-edge technologies and equipment allows us to handle any size or type material.